Laura Gallacher
  • 2016/11/04

Facebook continues to wage war on Snapchat

Whatsapp: A new feature or a new app? Has Facebook decided  to move in a different direction  with Whatsapp and make the app more social?  A new feature in beta testing raises the question. Facebook testing stories feature in Whatsapp Whatsapp has started to test a feature similar to Instagram’s stories (and Snapchat’s moments) on it’s beta […] read more

Ramiro Cánovas
  • 2016/10/05
Capture Hispanic MIllennials - DIgital

No hablamos Español, We feel Spanglish. A digital perspective on how to target Hispanic Millennials.

Long gone are the times where Hispanics are mostly blue-collar immigrants that live “off-the grid” and have a passive participation in our US economy. We now have second and even third generation Hispanics that are taking the digital market by storm. Not only they participate actively in the online shopping experience, but have also become […] read more

Santiago Nogues
  • 2015/05/06

5 key concepts to have in mind when developing a brand

Developing a brand is a challenge and continuous learning. Very often, brands are placed on unrealistic scenarios and neglect the fact that they will inevitably end up interacting in the real world. So here are 5 tips that, in our experience, are useful to plan branding as something strategic. 1. Believing in “absolute” brands Sometimes […] read more