Federico Cardinali
  • 2017/01/10

Gadgets I would like to see come to life in 2017

A new year is here, and as always new year’s resolutions are a plenty.  Most people are looking forward to new projects while others are busy trying to wrap up unfinished ones. For us technology lovers we look forward to the new launches, everything from CES and all the new gadgets, to Apples’ hyped up […] read more

Federico Cardinali
  • 2016/11/23
Pixelated word Hype made from cubes, mosaic pattern

Hype: the root cause of dissapointment

For different reasons I waited anxiously for the new iPhone 7.  While doing so I noticed how I seemed to get more anxious by the minute.  After reading a few reviews I realized that I wasn’t excited to use the new iPhone, I wasjust excited  to have it.  My expectations were so high that I […] read more

Federico Cardinali
  • 2016/10/26

API’s for real people

Often when we interact with websites, e-commerce sites and apps we can log in with our social network logins, we can also shop and pay for services with our PayPal accounts. There are many actions that demonstrate that sites / apps are not isolated islands, on the contrary they allow for reciprocal interactions and let […] read more

Federico Cardinali
  • 2015/10/21

7 streaming strategies to jump start your digital startup

Not long ago, in order to access content you had to literally go get it: To purchase a book you had to go to a library, to see a movie you had to go to the neighborhood’s video store and to listen to the latest CD from your favorite band you had to go to […] read more